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      Press Brake
      Shearing Machine
      ADD:Industrial park,Haian,Jiangsu
      TEL:86-513-88808988 88808978
      Position : HOME > Service

      + TEL:86-513-88808988 88808978
      + FAX:86-513-88808000
      + EMAIL:hajw@hajw.com

          Thanks you to purchase Haian Jinwei Machine Tool Co.,Ltd.`s product, I extend the sincere gratitude here to you! In order to protect your legitimate rights and interests, avoids your extra worries, makes the following after service to you to pledge, and provides the following service to you:
      1. Corporation strictly according to the national standards, the contract and the technology standard request choice preferred plan, and carries on the track, the monitoring, the examination to the process quality, to guarantee the product quality comprehensively;
      2. establishment user service technology file, prepares the post-sale follow-up service;
      3. this company product, date of one year from the purchase, the company provides for you free visits to serve, after maintenance expiration, still will provide the life-long service, in accordance with the situation gathers the suitable maintenance cost;
      4. every Our company sells the product provides the product instruction for use, the product qualified certificate, the packing list and the correlation technique material to the user, and free carries on training for the user operators, the time, the population does not limit.
          The customer when in the use product's process, like the discovery product cannot use normally, may immediately to the marketing center post-sale service department consult, and will use the product the model, the specification, the use environment, the breakdown situation, the purchase date and the service request explained in detail. After the sale on commission, after the service department puts forward the processing proposal, still could not solve, decided again sends for or makes other processing.
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      Nantong Atlantic Machinery Co.,Ltd.
      ADD:Industrial park, Haian, Jiangsu ZIP:226611
      M.P:86-13906277571 TEL:86-513-88808988 88808978 FAX:86-513-88808000
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