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      Press Brake
      Shearing Machine
      ADD:Industrial park,Haian,Jiangsu
      TEL:86-513-88808988 88808978
      Position:Home > About Us

        Haian Jinwei Machine Tool Co.,Ltd.is located at Hai`an County,transportation junction connecting XinChang Railway,coatal express way,SuTong bridge with NanTong airport,It is of convenient transportation and fluent communication leading everywhere,air,sea and land.

        Hai`an JinWei Mchine CO.,LTD. a wholly foreign-owned enterprises specialize in manufacturing sheet shearing machine, bending machine, etc.There is complete set of technological equipment,monitoring and measuring devices and can meet the needs of product design, development, product realization and service process.At present, the main products include "Huangwei" brand QC12Yseries hydraulic swing beam shear,QC12K series CNC hydraulic swing beam shear, QC11Y series hydraulic guillotine shear, QC11K CNC hydraulic guillotine shear,W67Y series hydraulic press brake,W67K series CNC hydraulic press brake, WE67K series Electro-hydraulic synchronization CNC press brake, W62K series CNC hydraulic folding machine,QH11D series truecut shear machine,Q11 series shear machine,ect., covering 10 series whth over 60 specifications.

        The company attaches great importance to the scientific management, product realization process and service quality. It has been awarded ISO9001:2000 Quality System Certificate issued by China Quality Certification Center CQC,Export Product Quality Certification issued by Entry-exit Inspenction,Quarantine Bureau-CIQ and CE Certificate of the European Union. The products have been exported to over 30countries and regions, such as Europe, American, Africa, Middle East and Southeast Asin. It has established a good reputation both at home and abroad.

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      Nantong Atlantic Machinery Co.,Ltd.
      ADD:Industrial park, Haian, Jiangsu ZIP:226611
      M.P:86-13906277571 TEL:86-513-88808988 88808978 FAX:86-513-88808000
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